It is highly recommended that you read the instructions below before submitting any customer service requests. We keep our documentations up to date and we intend that most of our client’s questions are solved by the text written here.

Our Principles:

1. No ownership of other’s assets.
By default, we never own any of your assets like designers’ drawings, svg files, or any of your companies. We just are a platform to facilitate you meet each other without any strings attached.

2. Minimum keeping of trust
We design our systems such that you have to place minimum trust in us. Your password hashes and salts are saved (i.e. we do not know your passwords or can ever hack them) and we will be coming up with a system where your data will be stored encrypted such that we will not be able to access it. Code associated with it will be made open source so that you can read it.
With time, it will just get better.

3. Minimalism
All the code, documentation and people working at designman are no-nonsense and absolutely required. We add things to our systems only if we cannot do without them and believe in extremely frugal measures.

4. Abiding by words
You will notice that above written statements can be seen in all our actions and not just cheap words.


A designer to us is anyone who can make blueprints of the product that can be manufactured. There is no other criteria.

You have the option to add a project, or join an existing requested project by a manufacturer or a buyer.

As a designer, you should have 2 demonstrations of your product:
- Overview
- Details

Overview contains:
- 1 picture of the final product so that the buyer can have a feel of what he is buying.
- A simple description of the product which demonstrates the functionality that it achieves. (not more than 5 lines)

Details can contain anything that the manufacturer can need to manufacture it, say dimensions of the product specified by cad files, svg files for printing, material specifications, quality constraints, or anything that you think necessary (not more than 5MB). If the file size exceeds more than 5MB, you may have to trim it.

It is your responsibility partially to note how the above design can be manufactured. If your design not manufacturable, you may have to reupload your designs with minor tweaks.

Once you submit your designs, they would move forward to quality testing. Once they’re quality tested, they will be posted on our projects page. Once they’re posted on our projects page, manufacturers and buyers can access their overview page. Manufacturers can for a small token(which will be completely sent to you in case of problems) and non-disclosure agreement have access to details of your designs after which they’re obligated to send samples of the manufactured product to us for quality testing. A single sample will be sent to you. At this point, you can request resampling with problems on current product to improve the product manufacturing. Once the product is quality tested by us and approved by you, orders will be shipped from manufacturer to buyer. Funds will be distributed to manufacturer and you according to our funds model within a day of receiving it from buyer.


Who is a manufacturer for us?
Anyone who can take the designs and deliver us a product with a reasonable quality is a manufacturer for us. You can own machines at large scales and deliver products to us but it’s not a necessary condition. You can make the product at your home by your own hands and be a manufacturer at DesignMan.

One of the key responsibilities of a manufacturer is to show his manufacturing abilities and the type of products that can be manufactured. This is because a designer may have to change his design a bit in order to make it possible to manufacture.

It is recommended that you upload photos of your machines, and the type of products manufactured in past, and a realistic estimate of how many pieces or quantity of the product can be manufactured per day. (feature yet to come)
Eg. We offer sand casting abilities where we can make a product from 100mm to 10000mm with 1mm precision. We can make such products at 60 pieces per day.

Your main page of interest will be the project page. You can see the designs there and if you can manufacture it, you can request details at which point, we’ll take a small token of funds (security funds for designer) and non-disclosure agreement for designs signatures online after which you can download the details of the designs from the project page through the button “Download zip”. You will receive a “tar.gz” file which can be extracted with an extraction softwares.

At this point you are obligated to send atleast 3 samples to us, 1 of which will be sent to the designer and 2 will be quality tested by us. For very costly products, exceptions can be made. If the samples pass the quality test, they will be open for buyer to buy.

When a buyer gives an order, advance of the order will be sent to you along with a deadline. Once you ship the product, rest of the money will be transferred to your account within 2 weeks according to our funds model.


If you notice some market trends and want to request a product, you can press the “Request Product” button and fill the form to notify the manufacturers and designers of your request. You must give a token (compensation for designer) for such a request according to the product.

You can navigate our store like browsing any other e-commerce sites and order or pre-order our products. We welcome buyers with any buying capacities. It depends on the product how much the minimum order we take. (store coming soon. Till then,you can login with wholesaler account, browse projects and order any product by mailing us.)

Note : We do not have preferences for selling through any particular medium. Our products will be sold directly offline, on our store or on any other e-commerce sites. Prices may be different for each of the sites.

Technical Details

How we store your data

We believe in trusting as less number of entities as we can. This decreases the attacks that we can get from systems.

Your designs are stored in such a format
|_ oimage.jpg
|_ details
|_ contentfiles
|_projects(has description of projects)
|_tags(has tags associated with your projects (upto 10) )

We take our and your data's security very seriously and maintaining it's secrecy is one of our key tasks.

All your other data, i.e. comments, overview description of project, is stored in a SQLite3 Database as shown above. Hacking it is again extremely difficult but we advise you to not store any sensitive data in it. Always use a password manager similar to KeePassXC for passwords.

All your passwords are safe, we ourselves with all the database access can never know them.

We never sell your data to anyone nor use any machine learning algorithms on it till date to find patterns. If we choose to do so in future, you will have the right to choose to participate or not and all code will be made open source.


All tokens are refundable and they will be returned to you in full. In case you do not abide by your promise of delivering the product(manufacturer) or buying your requested product(buyer) at minimum quantity, token will not be refunded and you may be disallowed from DesignMan for multiple such incidences.

Funds Model

Currently, we charge a maximum of 10% of profits or 1% of revenue generated by selling the product. Eg. If a product generates Rs.1,00,000 of revenue with a profit of Rs.20,000, we charge maximum of 1000 (1% of 1,00,000) and 2000(10% of 20,000) i.e. Rs.2000 .