NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
gaptcha A GNU Spirited Libre Captcha to separate humans from bots. Sagar Acharya2020-07-14 08:42
hyperbola PKGBUILD scripts for some packages made for Hyperbola OS v0.4 Sagar Acharya2021-11-01 11:24
hypertorifyA script to torify everything within Hyperbola v0.4. Sagar Acharya2021-10-31 09:57
kamitkamiA python script which customizes css file to keep only the essential elements relevant to a certain html file. Sagar Acharya2021-10-27 05:36
random_searx_uxp_plugin A pluging to choose random searx instance for searching query. Sagar Acharya2020-10-30 13:31
swarajya A military grade stateless communication computer directly on FPGA. Sagar Acharya2021-05-24 18:56
teaser Demos of my coding skills for job tests. Sagar Acharya2021-10-27 09:44