Works I recommend:


A Lenovo Thinkpad with neutered Intel ME with Qubes OS. This laptop is the best today with respect to privacy.


The best GNU/Linux mobile available today. It prevents your devices from using their smartness against you.


A site to share images and small videos with your friends and family. It doesn't track or profile you.


An AGPLv3 licensed meta-search engine. It is decentralized, doesn't track any of your searches and is free software.


XMPP client to chat securely with your loved ones. It is decentralized, doesn't track any of your conversations and is free software. You can also share images, videos and other stuff with superior OMEMO encryption.


The most secure OS today which prevents trusting your data on template VMs. By default, it compartmentalizes things into separate Qubes to prevent untrustworthy data sabotaging the trustworthy one. (Note: Difficult to maintain)


A privacy respecting mailing service which doesn't track your mails and make a profile of you to work against you.


1 organization to start it all, 1 organization to find free software, 1 organization to bring them all and with bravery bind them.


One of the most secure OSes today. It prevents you from installing software which doesn't respect your freedom. (Note: You need to actively differentiate trustworthy and untrustworthy data and use the latter sandboxed)


A git hosting service based on gogs which has all it's source code open and values librejs.


A better way to host and browse videos. It prevents addiction to the site itself, is federated and respects your privacy.